Sunday, July 26, 2009

Speedwork is fun too!

So after I let myself off the hook for not being into running, I went to the gym and did 5 miles of speedwork (well, only 1.5 were fast, but they were FAST!) and thought it was really fun! I think I like the treadmill more than outside right now...go figure. But, there I get to watch myself in the black TV screen and pretend I'm a rockstar, singing along to my music. Well, not actually singing because even in the best circumstances that would be awful, but mouthing the words. I just prefer going fast for short bursts...I've always been a good sprinter. Why don't they have 100m dashes for adults?? Why is the 5k the shortest common race???

I also did more weights that day (Thursday), then Friday did a fast 20 mile ride alone trying to beat the rain (done!), yesterday went back to boot camp (my ass is very sore, apparently thsoe muscles do not get worked in my normal life), and today am supposed to do a slow 9 miles with my friend in 2 hours. It's gross and humid out. But, she is excited about training for the half SO I need to get over myself and go with her.

After a few weeks of Andra sometimes waking up in the middle of the night (vacation, maybe teething, but no teeth), sometimes twice, she's back to her normal routine and we even got 13.5 hours (7-8:30) a couple nights ago. The only difference now is that she is finally doing those 180 turns in her crib. I had the matress elevated because of her congestion, but I guess that doesn't work as intended when the kid's head ends up at the DOWN end.

**Update: I did run 9 miles. My friend ran about 7.5. Once we got close to home, she was done and I felt good! Probably because we were going at about a 10:15 pace, which was slow but comfy! So I turned up the iPod, and even tried out some of the moves I saw on this now-famous video. Hard to do while running. But I was having fun so who cares!


N.D. said...

HAha Nick is doing those turns too. It is so funny! I will have to do some speedwork, maybe that will help

jsmarslender said...

I watched Jill & Kevin's wedding twice! Thanks for posting. And yeah, those moves would make any run a little more fun!

Also know what you mean about the treadmill - sometimes it is my wonderfully predictable friend who lets me slog out miles at a uniform pace.

X-Country2 said...

Yay for 9 miles! Sounds like a great weekend.

DC Running Mama said...

Oh I hadn't seen that wedding video! It was awesome! Weddings should be joyful:>

Angela and David Kidd said...

When the doctor told us to prop the bed up when Zach was sick I wondered how that would work since he moves around so much. I still don't know how it's supposed to work.

I love speedwork as well. There's something so great about running fast. I always think of Phoebe on "Friends" when she ran in the park whenever I do speed work.

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

I think I preferred it when Cairn couldn't move. He can now roll across a room in a flash!

You must have got your mojo back after finishing your run on a high? :-)