Monday, July 06, 2009

I think this counts as a long run...

...and not a "long" run. I did 7 miles today, give or take at a 9:30 pace that felt agonizingly slow. My cardiovascular system is doing legs, feet, ankles, not so much. I know I haven't been running long in probably close to a year and so obviously my body needs to re-adapt to the stresses, but it's a little sad that 7 miles felt so tough! And I can't blame hills or anything as this part of Michigan is awfully flat. Oh well...if I stick this out hopefully I can stay in better long-run shape beyond this fall.

Saturday (my bag finally came some time late Friday night) I ran a quick 3 (8:00 pace). Sunday I guilted my 55 year old aunt into doing a Jillian (just level 1) with me and then she guilted me into swimming. Our cottage is on a small inland lake which admittedly is perfect for a scaredy-cat like me to practice open water swims. I made it a whopping 7 minutes before I called it quits. It's SO much harder than pool swimming!! Plus I was getting attacked by weeds. But I made myself do a little bit of the alternate side breathing thing and didn't die.

Pickle has been having a BLAST. She continues to smile 95% of the time at anyone and everyone. She's been swimming twice in pretty chilly water (her hands and arms turned blue) and loved it, hung out on the floor with her 2 second cousins (giggling nonstop, especially when one of them tried to take her toy, or accidentally kicked her...either she'll be a total pushover, or the kid everyone gets along with), and just had the best bathtime ever with cousin Iris.

I don't know where all her smiles come from, but it just makes me the happiest person on Earth.

Pictures soon I hope!


DC Running Mama said...

That's so great that Andra smiles at everyone. I would say that 95% of the time Nathan is NOT smiling. As for the running, it will come just takes a bit longer than we would like. Have a great time on vaca!

Natalie D said...

great job on the LR, sounds like you guys are having fun!!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. Nothing better than a smiling happy baby. Makes you feel like you are doing something right.