Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting ready for my triathlon

Wednesday's bike ride was canceled due to rain so I decided to swim. I was sore from my soccer game Tuesday night so running didn't sound so good, and with my sprint triathlon this weekend I figured a splash in the pool would be a good idea. Despite having to buy new goggles at the Y because mine weren't in the gym bag, I had a great swim. (Keep in mind great is a relative term, please. And keep in mind it is not synonymous with fast!) I started out doing alternating breathing, which last time really felt horrible and awkward. Surprise, it felt good from the get-go! Not like I was going to drown, much. I also tried to pay attention to my stroke when I breathed on the left (normal) and mimic that when I breathed on the right (awkward). There's some little hand swiveling thingy I do that I think helps my body turn to the side so I get more air, less water. I felt better as it went on. I did 12 laps 3 times (yeah, I took breaks) which equaled a half mile. Based on that, the half mile swim in the Schuylkill River Sunday should take me...gulp...18 minutes. Yet, in the few tri's I've actually done, usually I'm faster than that (not by much). So maybe I won't suck, and maybe just MAYBE the fastest swimmer won't finish in half my time (always how I judge if I belong in a given race...after the fact, though). I also think I was faster when I concentrated on having my head down, as in, looking straight down rather than ahead). Is that true? I have absolutely NO formal swim training past the 5th grade.

Questions...wetsuits will probably be optional due to the water temp. Given that I have no chance of any age group awards (you're not eligible if you do wear a wetsuit), any thoughts? Even though I've worn mine a grand total of ONE TIME (in a tri in 2007), I'm tempted to do it because I will feel a little more bouyant and psychologically I might feel better.

What I'm really excited about, though, is the bike. In my last Danskin tri in Massachussetts in 2006, which was the year I got my bike, I came in something like 1075/2000 in the swim, but 72/2000 in the bike. So, see, I really do suck at swimming, but I'm good at cycling! And I think this course is pretty flat, plus it's a double loop. 15.5 miles. I plan just to hammer it out, and if I get screwed on the run, oh well! Because of course, I have done zero real brick workouts. But I really just want to go as fast as possible on the bike and then pick up the pieces in the run.

I'm heading to Philadelphia solo...Fred and Andra are staying home. I'm kind of excited! I weaned her for good a few days ago when she put up such a fuss nursing at bedtime that I said OK, that's the sign! And that's been just fine, and Fred put her to bed Tuesday when I was playing soccer. So they'll be fine. I just have to make sure not to really check up on them, and just assume all is peachy. It will be nice to have dinner with my friend Lucy and then hang out ALONE!


Mama Simmons said...

Exciting stuff! If the water is cold enough, wear the wetsuit on the swim. It'll make you a lot more comfortable getting in b/c you won't shiver, it'll definitiely make you faster, and that poor wetsuit is probably in some sort of depression/funk from not being used and I'm sure it would LOVE a little activity. ;)

Have fun this weekend!!

Nitsirk said...

I agree on the wetsuit. Any advantage, even a mental one is great to have on race day. Congrats on weaning and on having a "solo" weekend. You earned it! No weight loss to speak of post-weaning for me but I am dealing with some other health issues which may be interfering. Hope it works for you though. At least I am getting in more workouts.

N.D. said...

I'd wear the wetsuit! You are doing so well on the alternate breathing - that is hard!

Leah said...

Good luck this weekend! I'd wear the wetsuit if it makes you more comfortable. Yes, definitely hammer on the bike. The course is flat and fast. Might as well take full advantage. The run is flat too, so you should be fine. Hopefully your swim won't get canceled like the one at Philly Women's Tri in mid-July. Though it's an advantage if you don't love the swim! (Like me.)

Angela and David Kidd said...

Have fun at the race. I also say use the wetsuit. The only thing I'd say is warm up a little so you get used to the feeling of it. Sometimes people freak out because it feels constricting. And I'm not swim coach, but looking down is better than looking ahead - it helps keep your butt and legs closer to the surface of the water so you create less drag.

X-Country2 said...

I'm so excited for you! I typed up my race report just for you. :o) GOOD LUCK!