Monday, April 30, 2012

One craving

So I don't feel so fat anymore...I think I'm back to looking normal.  Still tired but today wasn't as bad.  Ate pretty healthily today which might help.  I am finding that I actually have a craving this time...JUICE.  It's all I want.  The sweetness, plus the fact that I'm so darn thirsty ALL THE TIME.  Actually ran on Sunday.  Well, ran/walked.  But it's more cardio than I've done in a while.  I promise myself to go back to working out when school ends...7 more weeks. 

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Casper said...

I hear you on the juice craving. I never buy juice, but since I got pregnant (I am 9 weeks today) I have been chugging grapefruit, orange, and cranberry juice. I finished the last of my stash last night, so I will have to head to the store soon.