Tuesday, April 03, 2012

16 hours

Not quite so patient any more. I can't full out admit it, but I am really hopeful. Which means if I'm wrong, it's going to be worse than last time. When I wasn't hopeful, but still hung on to a thread of a chance. Tonight I've been reading infertility blogs, all sorts. It just helps, reading how others get through and what they feel and knowing it sucks but I'm normal.

I'm driving back to the satellite clinic tomorrow, where I did most of my monitoring, rather than into Manhattan. I won't pee on a stick...I consciously didn't buy any when I went to Target today. This has been my mantra all cycle, something I found on Pinterest:

16 more hours til they call.


Nitsirk said...

For some reason I have gotten myself emotionally invested in this outcome. I think I want you to have good news to balance out my bad news. Plus, you have already been through so much. I will be keeping my fingers crossed and checking back regularly today.

RunningMama said...

I remember this time. Walking around with a pit in your stomach and your whole life in balance waiting for that d@mn call. You will survive. Have a plan in place for how you are going to deal with the call. If it is bad news, allow yourself to grieve and do something nice for yourself (a day at home, watching cheesy chick flicks while eating my comfort foods, was always my plan). And, focus on Andra...let her antics make you laugh. Best!!!