Monday, March 19, 2012


Six follicles working. They range from 22.5mm to 11.7mm, so a big range, but the doctor today (whom I like because he pulls the sheet down between my legs after he puts the ultrasound probe in, so I feel way less exposed...why don't they all do that?) said he thinks I should trigger tonight (though slim chance not til tomorrow) and they should get 6 eggs. Not all guaranteed mature, but hey, 6 is 33% more than the 4 I got last time. And this time I was on half the meds.

Very, very antsy. Just want this done.


RunningMama said...

Ug, gosh. Makes me sick just to think about this time during the IVF cycle...are they going to get any? are they going to fertilize? are they going to last? FWIW, with the cycle that worked...we got only 4 mature eggs and only 2 fertilized...resulting in our girl. Just a little reminder that it doesn't take a lot of eggs to find success. I agree about the many doctors forget how exposed you feel with your va-jay-jay hanging out for all to see. Fingers crossed for you.

Angela and David said...

Good luck! And I hear you on being exposed. And could they not make those sheets out of some thicker, sturdier material?