Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Can't focus on anything. Went into the city for 6:30 this morning for all the pre op paperwork and blood as ultrasound and then rushed back so I wouldn't miss my entire honors lab. Got there with about 40 minutes left (the kids are a pain in the butt but I love them and they were happy to see me instead of the sub which you gotta love) and somehow went on autopilot teaching projectile motion, then took my next class into the planetarium (yeah we have one in our school) and automatically did the lesson on the path of the sun. Advantage of doing the same thing for 11 years...I don't always have to think.

The dr today saw 5 follicles all good size but yesterday there were 6 so I hope she just missed one. Retrieval tomorrow. Transfer on Saturday. Hoping 4 fertilize and maybe we put back two and freeze two? If we get 3 maybe we put back all 3? Two more weeks.

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jsmarslender said...

Do you ever find yourself autopilot teaching and sort of step back and forget what on earth you just covered? : ) I hope all goes well...