Sunday, November 21, 2010

Slightly faster

Ran a little over 3 miles today with my friend Jen, our second Sunday run in preparation (not training, but preparation) for our 3 mile race in 3 weeks. It was GREAT. 32 minutes (my longest consecutive run in a LONG time). We ran the big hill (it's not big) we walked last week, and that was a HUGE psychological boost. Overall I think our pace was a hair under 10 minute miles, which, given the talking we were doing, I am very happy with. Yes, I used to run this route closer to an 8:00 pace. But I have to keep telling myself, it's not about that anymore. It's about the fact that I can run at all. And honestly, I may be able to up the pace to something I would consider more normal for me. What wanted to give out today wasn't my ankle, it was the rest of me. And I had no issues making myself push through that, since that's just me being out of shape. But I felt much better than my runs a few weeks ago, stronger, more normal. I'll take it.

In Andra's world...she won't say "Yes," but "k" is her new response to any question (beats "No!"). She has changed tons in the last few months. Still not a huge talked, but she gets her point across. When she wants me to come play with her, she takes my hand and says, "Pull." When she can't do something, she says "Help." When she wants to find the Pokey (the cat), she calls out, "Peepee!" Eh, close enough. She has, as she always has, a wicked sense of humor. For instance, she just put one of my Bondi bands on her duck's head, held it up, and said, "Cool!" Cool.


Wren said...

Oh, kids are SO much fun at Andra's age! So much for them to discover--and so much for you to discover about her as the months pass. My little one is 29 now, but I remember her so clearly as a toddler, learning words, her personality developing and her laughter so gleeful and spontaneous.

Treasure these days, Clare.

And as for your run--BRAVO! You continue to delight and inspire me with your determination and the sheer joy you get out of challenging yourself physically and doing it in spite of RA pain. How very cool. ;o)

Angela and David said...

This post is great. Both you and Andra are doing so great. So glad you are out and running again!