Monday, August 02, 2010

Team Vlad

Me with the 2 16-year olds on the team. Vlad is in the middle, he averaged 19mph on the bike. Jan is the runner (and he ran barefoot!) and he did the 5k in about 20 minutes. 1:32:30 I think, 10/20 for the relays and around 172/610 overall. They didn't keep splits for anyone, just a final time minus your wave start, so the relays were thrown in with the individual results. Despite what the race officials were calling a "healthy" half-mile swim (first swimmer finished in 13 minutes on my watch, so my 22 minutes wasn't as bad as it sounds), it was good! I hit the first 2 buoys head on, but never saw the third (I was sighting the beach then). No sense of panic or drowning!

These are Vlad's parents, Gabriel finished in around 1:22 and Olympia took pictures!


jsmarslender said...

Good swim! Nice to compete with a new team - perhaps you'll be able to do a few more together?

Also, very interesting about running barefoot. I've yet to try it, but the more I read of others' experiences, the more I'm curious to see how it really feels.

And Andra's vacation pics from a few posts ago - such a cutie. : )

Wren said...

Fantastic! From the photos, it looks like you had a great time, too, and that's the most important part. Congrats, Clare!

Angela and David said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun and great swim!

And welcome back to running! I'm catching up on blgos.