Thursday, July 29, 2010

I ran!

I decided I had to try running. It has been 6 months, with the last, kind of pathetic attempt, sometime in January. Yesterday I took off my shoes and ran barefoot at the playground with Andra. Today I went to the gym, and did a barefoot 15 minutes (ummm, that was just a little over a mile). Speed can't happen...not that I've lost that much fitness, but I have to change my gait, and at least now, there's no way I'm going to go fast. The thing is? Didn't matter. I had my iPod, and I FELT like I was flying! I tried to run again with shoes on after that 15 minutes, and it wasn't as good. Neither way was "normal," exactly. I can't roll from my heel to push off with my big toe, which is normal (for me at least). I was running slightly more on the outside of my left foot, and I'm sure my hips were moving more than normal to compensate. With shoes, I wasn't able to land as much on the outside of my foot, which is why I preferred barefoot. That, and I had fewer expectations while barefoot.

It was fun. I am still a runner. I got all nostalgic and excited getting on the treadmill. It was kind of emotional. That's why I like running. Nothing else lets me think things through like a good run. (And slow as it was, this counted as a good run.)

My only concern is that, if I can do this once or twice a week because I enjoy it, it can't replace a real workout. I tried to take my heart rate at the end, and I think it was in the 130s. Between the 15 minutes of running and the 15 minutes of rolling out my hip flexor on the foam roller to try to avoid any issues from my gimp, it's a long process for little physical benefit. But, the mental benefits may be more important right now.


Wren said...

Spending an hour a week doing what you love the most, and getting in that good thinking time, is far more important than just physical results. You've got other things you can do for fitness alone, Clare. But running seems to be a part of you that you just can't ignore. So run. Carefully. Mindfully. With joy.

I wish you the best.

ValleyWriter said...

In the last month or so, I've recently started to try out running again after about a year-long break. I'd been keeping up my fitness in other ways, but it's always hard to start again after a long break. Like you, I can't go as far or as fast as I used to, but it still feels so good! I feel so much more centered and calm after a run, even if it's only 10-15 minutes once or twice a week.
Enjoy yourself!

Anonymous said...


N.D. said...

so glad you ran!

WendyBird said...

Hips move a lot more barefoot running :-)
I think I'm starting into the same ankle problems you have had. I'm flaring from the move and between new hills and tons of stairs my foot/ankle is a mess. I have a half marathon in two weeks and can hardly walk :-(

DC Running Mama said...

YEAH! That's great news! I agree w/ Wren...just getting out there a little and getting to feel the way you love is more important than getting a good workout. (Says the girl who barely runs at all any more and loves every bit of the few minutes a week I spend doing it.)