Friday, April 16, 2010


Swam today after school since the pool was open. Did 2000 yards, including 2 timed 500s, just to see. First one was 9:48, vs. 10:35 back in February, so 47 seconds faster. The second one was 10:03 I think, I didn't pay much attention at the very end as I knew it wasn't better.

How come the very first 50 I swim feels incredibly smooth, effortless, and fast, but that feeling doesn't last??? I mean, it makes sense that my form would suffer when I am tired, but pretty early on I start to feel slightly awkward.

Jack, one of the lifeguards (I think that's his name, I am terrible remembering names) that I say hi to, came in almost at the end of my set and said my form looked good, but he had 2 suggestions for me. One, my right arm was entering the water when it was already fully extended so I was apparently missing out on some of the glide, and two, my fingers are spread way apart and so I am losing power. I swam another hundred thinking about what he said, and I can see that making a difference once I can make the changes without thinking about them. As it was, everything else fell apart when I focused on keeping my fingers together.

Almost worked out every day this week...but when Wednesday night came around, I didn't make it to the pool. Andra and I got to a playground every day this week though, which was awesome. I figure if I make my workout a priority, it's only fair that hers is, too. Some days they go outside at daycare, but it's been a bit chilly in the mornings so afternoons with me have been her only outside time.

Sunday's ride supposedly is drawing 20 riders (mostly newbies probably) and we're doing 32 miles. If, that it, the weather holds. I could do cold, or rain, but not cold rain.


Anonymous said...

You're doing VERY well, Clare. I haven't swum (swimmed? swam) laps since I was in high school, back in the olden days, and I was never on a team, but I remember how my form changed as my body started tiring out. Happens to everyone, even the best, though they can keep up the speed and the form for a long time. Of course, they swim six hours a day and eat like wild cats.

Anyhoo, you're doing just great. Good luck on the ride/swim this weekend. I hope the weather turns out bright and beautiful.

Michelle Simmons said...

Wow! That's a great improvement! And don't dismiss that second one... doing that after you're tired is BIG too! Nice job. :)

Leah said...

Not to throw a wrench into the works, but you may not need to keep your fingers together, per se. You actually get more resistance when you keep your fingers slightly apart and your hands relaxed. But perhaps the lifeguard meant that your fingers were simply too far apart. :) Anyway, nice job on the timed sets!

X-Country2 said...

You're doing awesome in the pool. Great work!