Wednesday, April 28, 2010


First 500 in the YMCA pool: 10:35 back in February.
Second 500: 9:48 April 16.
Third 500: 9:16, today.

This time I decided to push the last 200 yards, but even the first 300 were faster. I am pleased! But I can get under 9:00. I am still really only swimming once a week.

I also did 2 fast (for me, come on) 100s, 1:32 and 1:33. Thought I wouldn't make the second one. Total workout was only 1600, but for me it was way more intense than normal so that seemed just fine. I have no intentions of swimming more than a mile in any races this year so no need to do 3000 yd workouts - which I considered doing, as the Masters group I swam with this winter is now doing 3200+ workouts. Ha, I am glad I didn't do the second session!!!

Recap: Worked out 6 days straight last week including a solo 32 mile bike ride, but then blew off the entire weekend. It was RELAXING and I loved hanging out with Andra.


rheumablog said...

I haven't done any swimming for so long, Clare, but by your example you're making me consider it. Is the pool you swim in warm? When I'm flaring, cold water is almost unbearable to me, but perhaps you don't have that problem. And I'm not sure if there are any pools in my community that are super-warm for use by people with RA.
Maybe I should find out, eh?
By the way, I keep meaning to mention this, but keep forgetting, too: Your wee Andra is just beautiful. Kids are so much fun, and so cuddly, at that age. I'm so glad she gives you so much joy.

Michelle Simmons said...

WOW! Stellar! Keep up those intense workouts and you'll break 9:00 no problem!

Nitsirk said...

Awesome job! You are seeing some big time drops. Keep it up and you will keep getting faster. Congrats!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Nice job dropping the times! I'm impressed you are seeing so much improvement. For me just getting one second of improvement in the pool was and is so much freaking work. You are getting huge chunks of time!