Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Yay elliptical! (Not really.)

Went to the gym after school with high hopes of running! Felt like I could all day. Had that nervous energy you get when something exciting is going to happen! I lasted about 30 seconds. Moved to elliptical machine #1 (Precor) which caused too much ankle movement and crunching. Moved downstairs (the Y has two levels of cardio machines, I am a 2nd floor regular) to the other kind and it worked. I didn't love it, but I can adapt. Only did 20 minutes, then lifted (some kettlebell stuff, abs, legs). Have to just be patient and wait out this crunchy phase. Not going to lie, not being able to run mentally SUCKS. But I do have other goals to take its place, swimming and cycling.

Fred and I have officially signed up for the CCC and have started the long road to raising $6000 by October. See the link to the right if you want to donate to the Arthritis Foundation! Anyone who has RA that reads and has your own blog, I would love it if you mentioned my ride and posted this link http://cccsocal.kintera.org/clare to your blog! I may try to get creative ala Lil Runner and raise money through blog giveaways or something, but not yet. Anyone have any tips for fundraising??


Anonymous said...

I think you're just amazing, swimming, cycling, elipticalling (is that a word?) in spite of hurting so much with the RA. And running, as you were just a few weeks ago. You're one tough cookie, and you're an inspiration.

It's terrific that you've committed to the CCC for the Arthritis Foundation. I'll definitely put a word in for you on my blog. I considered trying that myself, but 1) I don't have a bike; 2) I haven't RIDDEN a bike since I was a teenager; and 3) I'm in such poor shape that I'd probably only manage to get through the first day, if that. Nevertheless, I'm cheering you on. What a heart you have!

I'm wishing for you to have some sustained relief from your pain, soon, so that you can once again do what you most love to do -- run. And if that can't happen just now, I'm wishing you the patience and perseverance to bull on through the exercise you don't care for as much. You have incredible spirit.


N.D. said...

I raised 700 that way and I'd bake for you and promote it!
Mostly I sent out emails every month - it was annoying but I raised 4850 that way + blog.

Anonymous said...

Awesome that you have signed up! I have a friend that is a teacher and she held a spaghetti supper at her school and raised over $5,000. It was a lot of work for her, though! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...
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X-Country2 said...

What a great cause. Good luck with the fund raising!

DC Running Mama said...

Maybe you could bake banana bread and "sell" it to people at swim practice for making donations? I, too, hate asking people for $$. Put something up on your blog, I'll donate!