Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mass starts (and my friend's daughter arrived from Haiti!)

At swimming tonight we practiced mass starts. Well, if 11 swimmers counts as a "mass." (See video of the Tuesday group doing this here.) It was actually a super good workout for me. They took out a couple of the lane lines and we all pretended to tread water (the pool is 3.5 feet deep) and went on "go." We did some different distances, 200, 400, 150, 100, 200, 50, maybe one or two others but it was about 1200 meters total (found out this pool is meters not yards). We'd all start and at the other end have to swim under the lane line and go back. There was plenty of hitting and kicking and swimming over people and gulping water and feeling crowded and panicky. It was really good for me! Also because I had to swim much harder than I normally do to keep up. I was NEVER last, and I was in the middle of the pack for all the 100s and shorter (I love sprints in any sport, my endurance totally needs work though), especially in the one 100 we did with pull buoys. So tonight did tons for my confidence in surviving a swim, even if I am still going to be slow.

Now, I just need my ankle to stabilize enough so I can actually DO a triathlon this year! Or if not, I need to find an aquabike race! Or I suppose I could just DNF at a triathlon, that might actually be what I have to do. friend Nikki met her daughter TODAY! After a rollercoaster I wouldn't believe if I hadn't seen her go through it, Aliette finally got out of Haiti and they met in Miami today. You've got to go see the pictures, and she has the whole story on her blog too if you want to know what she went through!


jessica said...

wow, that sounds like a really useful workout to get to do!

rheumablog said...

Clare, that's just great! You're doing SO well for just having started swimming such a short time ago. How do your joints feel afterwards?

You're an inspiration. It's so cool to learn from a real athlete why she loves pushing herself physically so hard. As a lifelong non-athlete, it just fascinates me. And that you do this while coping with RA is incredible.

Go, YOU!


Mama Simmons said...

OK, meters to yards makes a BIG difference in your 500 time!! Minimum 30 seconds faster for yards! So you're not as far off your mile run time as you thought. :) And that's cool about the mass swim starts. We practice that sometimes here too.... though usually in the ocean we run in and try to swim on top of each other. Crazy.

Angela and David Kidd said...

The difference between a metered and yard pool is huge. I am always so depressed by my times in a metered pool. And it sounds like you are doing great and progressing quickly. Hopefully the ankle comes around for you but I have a lot of friends that love the aquabike races as well.

And your friends little girl from Haiti is the absolute most adorable little girl I've ever seen. I loved reading the story because once we get a little more established in our life I'd love to adopt a child.