Sunday, October 04, 2009

BOB run

Great BOB run today. 5 miles in 47:00 (9:25 pace), plus a half mile walk home. Felt strong. It's much better running now that it's not summer.

I'm going to start doing a speedwork session every week again to prepare for a 5 miler on
Thanksgiving. Time to beat (2007) is 41:19, 8:16 pace. Would love 40:40, which would be 8:08 pace which was my 10k PR pace. I wanted 3 PRs this year post-baby, and I have 2 (5k by 3 seconds, and 4 mile). This is doable.

I say all this, but I am not super dedicated to the cause. I will accept an 8:40 or better pace. Eh. At least it's fun!

The pickle costume was too small...a bit too narrow (at least for a cloth diaper butt) and way too short to go over her head. BUT, I know what I'm doing and can whip up a better one in 15 minutes!


jsmarslender said...

Those cloth diaper butts! I have Claire in toddler shorts so she can move comfortably. And 40:40 just sounds like a cool time. Can't wait to see the pickle costume finished. : )

Mama Simmons said...

40:40. You can totally do that. You're faster than you think! :)

Can't wait to see the costume!!!

X-Country2 said...

Can't wait to see the costume. Be sure to post some pics!

The Chapples said...

Good luck with your speedwork!!

Awwww...cloth diaper butts. We were lazy and didn't stick with the cloth and I have pangs of guilt about it.