Thursday, October 02, 2008

The (Short) Good Things List

So for a while I've been planning to post about the GOOD things that I've noticed about pregnancy. Some of them may be a stretch, or just a way to make myself feel better, but still...this is my list (so far):

1. Walking has become an acceptable form of exercise. A true, honest-to-goodness workout. Before, I'd rather take a day off completely than JUST go out and walk. Now, on some days when I might otherwise talk myself out of anything besides a nice sit on the couch, I say, "Hey, a walk is PLEASANT and relaxing AND burns more calories than loafing AND keeps my leg muscles engaged a bit." I don't dread beginning a walk...sometimes (rarely, but sometimes) I would dread beginning a run because it had an expectation associated with it...go faster, farther, even if you don't feel like it. Walking, there's no goal except just go. I like that. (Plus, the one time I wore my heartrate monitor on a hour, hilly walk, I burned as many calories as I did in spin the day what that says about my spinning intensity I might not like, but...)

2. A day off isn't as guilt-ridden. Today, for instance. I've worked out 12 days straight (not all intense, but all an hour or so of something). Yesterday my legs were shot from Tuesday's core class, but I did my hour walk (see above!) to get the blood moving. Today, hamstrings are still yelling. So instead of forcing anything (and ignoring the fact that Thursdays are supposed to be my only pool running day now), I went to a children's consignment store in town that's moving and having a big sale. I spent $15 and bought 8 outfits (including a red first Christmas outfit for a newborn), a baby sleep positioner (not exactly sure what that is or if i need it, but it was $3), and a fleece thing that goes in the car seat to keep the kid warm. The only guilt I feel is that I have to grade 3 classes worth of lab reports tonight, and I'm blogging instead. Nice.

3. Ummm...I know I had a longer list. I think of things when I'm walking and then promptly forget them. So this will be updated as I remember and discover more things!


N.D. said...

Hahha, that made me laugh when you got to #3! I was thinking I should do that soon too, when I get my thoughts together. Sounds like fun to go buy clothes! I guess I won't do that till after! Isn't it so fun you'll have a baby for christmas?? what's your due date again?

Mama Simmons said...

I bet the Christmas outfir is cute! I'm hoping mine comes in time for Halloween so we can dress him/her up in something cute.

Other good things about being pregnant:
1) People smile at you more. :)
2) Your hair and nails grow really fast and long!
3) You always have the best excuse to skip out on those social functions you'd rather not attend.

Sarah said...

Hi! I recently found your blog and enjoy it. Don't ya just love consignment stores? I sell/buy at one near me. Baby Christmas outfits are the cutest. :)

*aron* said...

great list :) YAYYYY for baby clothes!

Girl on Top said...

I love consignment stores!