Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back to normal

Yesterday I went to the gym. I hadn't had contractions most of the day. I had gone to the doctor's in the morning to be monitored, there was very little activity there (but the kid is still a bruiser), my cervix was still closed, no changes. So that even made the doctor a little more relaxed. I think just that made me feel normal again...maybe I had been more worried than I thought. At any rate, I'm back to feeling NORMAL and often even forgetting I'm pregnant. So I went to the gym. I just did a little lifting for my arms and shoulders, then decided to do 10 minutes on the elliptical. I normally hate the elliptical. But, given that it was just an easy workout, it wasn't so bad. Then I stretched, hoping to ease some of the mid-back discomfort I'm having (not pregnancy related I don't think, something I get occasionally). I'm going today for some swimming/water jogging. It just feels good to move, and I think normalcy is HUGE. I hope the kid comes a little early, like right after Thanksgiving (37 weeks), but I honestly don't think she's going to come TOO early.

Although, just to put it out there, 2 weeks ago I did have a dream that she was born on "the 17th" (not sure what month!) and was small but the labor was super easy. Luckily October 17 has passed, but come November 17 I may be a little nervous. She'll be 35 weeks at that point...too early, but not TOO early if it happened.

At any rate, we spent the weekend getting the upstairs ready after having had it all painted. Fred set up his office, I moved out of "my" room and turned it into the kid's room, complete with crib and dresser (full of hand-me-down clothes from little cousin Iris). Not quite done, but pretty close!


Mama Simmons said...

Glad you're feeling better. :) And I totally agree- the more 'normal' you can keep your routine, the better. The last several weeks are the longest weeks ever, so keep up that routine as long as possible!

IVF Running Mama said...

Ditto to trying to do *something* to feel normal! I went and lifted weights for the first time in...probably MONTHS...it was AWESOME! After my whole IUGR and the pre-term labor scare, I think a couple of days of "good behavior" followed by a routine that is more familiar to you is typical. Good luck with water jogging...tried it 1x and hated it...WAY too boring for me. I'd rather do the elliptical and read smut.