Thursday, October 23, 2008

Getting the finger

There's no other way to put it, sorry. Back the the doctor (yes, he's doing internal checks every time...sigh...), everything is the same. Which means cervix is closed, but I'm still having contractions. So he did another FFN test (the pre-term labor one), results tomorrow. He told me to keep taking it easy. I told him I still feel normal. He said come back on Monday. So it goes...meantime I love watching my belly move. The kid moves nonstop! He estimated her at 3.5 pounds based on the 28 weeks ultrasound when she was in the 80th percentile. I thought it would be higher, but then he said she could go up to 5 in the next 2 weeks. He'll do an ultrasound Monday. My weight has been strangley consistent. I've gained about 14 pounds, only a pound in the last 4 weeks. I still expect to hit 20-25, and what with being "benched" for a few weeks (plus my affinity for blueberry donuts) that shouldn't be too tough.

I keep going back and forth about when I want the kid to show up (not that I have a say in it). Obviously 37 weeks (Thanksgiving weekend) would be the ideal minimum, and it would be nice to not be pregnant all the way to 40 weeks. But keeping her in for the extra 2-3 weeks has benefits day care, it won't mess up my plan for maternity leave and for my mom to come out to be the other free day care for a month or two, I won't feel like I'm abandoning my students (not that they care, but it would mess up my lesson plans), and I won't have to start and end maternity leave early (somehow going back before March 1, even if I start earlier, just seems like a raw deal to me for no logical reason).


Mama Simmons said...

Wait til you're at 38 weeks and you start googling ways to induce your own labor because you're just dying for baby to be born already... ;)

erika p said...

Remember my timeline? PhD defense on Sept 15...okay kiddo, I can't wait to meet you but I just need you to wait until after the 15th...started having "uh oh, these are the real thing" contractions on the 13th and Austin arrived on the 14th...38 wks and 1 day, not quite 6 lbs, and perfect. And my parents scrambled to change their flight, which was scheduled for the 22nd and arrived on the 17th instead...and I defended in December. Not ideal, but I probably don't even have to say that once I was holding my little guy, none of it seemed to matter anymore.

I hope she stays put until at least 37 weeks, and I'm sorry about all those internal exams - ugh.

N.D. said...

I totally get where you are coming from with all of the plans for maternity leave and the March 1 thing. So how long are you taking off now? I'm in the midst of deciding. I bet soon you'll just want her out and won't care about all the plans and all, but I know how ya feel! It's great your mom is coming out!