Monday, March 15, 2010


We were lucky and never even lost power, but the nor'easter that blew through this weekend has shut area schools (including mine) today and tomorrow, at least. Crazy! A huge tree fell across our road a few houses down, but didn't hit power lines, houses, or even a car. Fred's brother and his wife and new baby are without power til Thursday probably. I still took Andra to daycare today and went to the gym, then did a few errands and then cleaned half the house. I'll take her tomorrow too and get more cleaning and some organizing done.

We're halfway to our fundraising goal! Not bad for a month into it.

Also, since I am without my orthotics for a few weeks as they get readjusted, I put into my shoes the Dr. Scholl's arch supports I bought during my pregnancy. Amazingly, they worked much better than the orthotics! Less pain, though still the crunching. Which might be taken care of with the shot on Friday. Hopefully the orthotics will come back like that...or else I guess I make them redo them? I like the podiatrist and he said he was "a perfectionist," so...


Angela and David Kidd said...

Enjoy your time off! Days where daycare stays open and everything else closes are the best!

Leslie said...

Eek...the weather has been crazy lately everywhere! I saw your post on one of the support boards at Facebook and I can't remember which one ....I really love swimming and wish there was a pool here open in the evenings after work. It's just the best exercise for me. I'm gonna start following your blog...thanks :)