Monday, March 22, 2010

Cortisone shot and beach pictures

Got my cortisone shot Friday. It certainly has helped. When I stand up now and take that first step, I can just WALK. It had been very painful to do that, though a few steps later it wasn't so bad, though I was always limping. I still can't run. The bones continue to click and rub against each other and generally feel loose. Sometimes when it cracks, it hurts. I think it's like an earthquake, the pressure builds and when it finally gives, it cracks and hurts. I can't really balance on just my left leg, because all those little corrections you do to keep your balance cause cracking of the joint. But the painful inflammation is gone, at least for now. And I don't think I am noticeably limping anymore, though my gait isn't quite normal. The ankle is still stiff, and I still am AWARE of it. Hard to explain, but normally when you walk, you just walk, you don't have to think about it. I am hoping that when my orthotics come back (again) next week, that will also help, though I don't think I have a prayer to run for a while. I am not even playing that game where you wonder if your "injury" (not an injury in my case, but a good enough analogy) is real or if you're just being a wimp. I am not being a wimp. There is just no point in my running "through" this. Hopefully the joint will stabilize, maybe fuse itself (so I don't have to consider surgery in a few years), but at least get to the point where it's not so loose. If it stays at least as good as it is now, walks are an option again. Maybe not fast walks that could count as a workout, but at least a way to get outside, especially if Andra needs to go to the park or take an extra nap.

A few pictures from the beach last week. Schools in my town were closed all week, though the town I teach in went back Thursday after power was restored late Wednesday night. My friend Jessica and her daughter Kate are moving back to Chicago tomorrow, which I am REALLY sad about, but we did get to spend a couple days hanging out in the beautiful weather.


N.D. said...

glad the shot helped a little- so frustrating on the road to recovery. What beach do you live near? You had off for a water main break? Looks like fun!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Glad you are at least experiencing some progress. And walks in the summer will be great. Hopefully you've experienced the worst of it in the winter when no one really wants to be outside, anyway.

Love the picture of Andra looking through the hole.

X-Country2 said...

OMG, she's adorable! Glad you're getting some relief.

jessica said...

I know how much I tense up around an old injury, so I can only imagine how nice it must feel for you to get to walk more smoothly.

Those beach shots look dreamy. Hope you're able to find a way to keep enjoying the outdoors, even if it's just ambling along for awhile :)

prashant said...
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