Friday, January 09, 2009

Month 1

Wow. Four weeks ago today (and at about this time), my water broke and Andra started to get here. Crazy. I'm sure I'll think the same thing in a year, in 18 years...time flies, and having a kid makes me so much more aware of that. The little pickle is growing (we go to the ped next week to get weighed, etc.), she seems twice as big as a month ago, probably just because she uncurled, but she's definitely longer and heavier too. She used to fit perfectly in just one arm. Her newborn clothes used to be too big, and now she's threatening to outgrown them. Sigh...and unfortunately, every day is one day closer to having to go back to work. It won't be before mid-Feb...hopefully I can keep up my tutoring to make enough extra cash to push it back to the first of March.

In workout news, things are going. Sunday was a day off, as we went to meet Andra's great-grandparents (Fred's grandparents). Monday I took her out for a walk (about 2.75 miles) in the Baby Bjorn, as it wasn't too cold. Tuesday, she went to her first babysitter, my friend who lives right next to the gym, and I went to the core class. Weds was off, then yesterday Fred made it home before I fell asleep (at 6pm) and I got to the gym to run. I did 3 miles (all I really want to do on a treadmill for now...though I'm itching to get out and do a longer run soon outside), mixing up the pace (3 separate half-miles at an 8:30, 8 and 7:30 pace, followed by recoveries around 9:30) and averaging just under a 9:00 pace. I'm sore today in my quads (also because we did 8 million squats and lunges Tuesday), which feels good! Off again today, as it's too cold to take Andra out and Fred went away for the weekend skiing (I've vowed to take my own weekend trip with friends this summer and leave him home with Andra...we'll see!). So I may not really be able to work out this weekend, although if I didn't feel kind of guilty I'd ask another friend to watch her Saturday morning so I can go to boot camp. (Guilt about asking the friend, not about leaving Andra for an hour...though there's a bit of that too.) I can't wait til she's 6 weeks so I can take her to the day care at the Y (wait, didn't I spend the first part of this post saying I DON'T want her to grow up??).

So we're flying solo this far she's been such an easy baby, this better not be the weekend she decides to stay up all night! She slept 7 hours last night (10-5, then again til 8 after I fed her), so I know I'm super lucky.


X-Country2 said...

Has it really been 4 weeks?! I feel like I just read about you having her yesterday. Time does indeed fly.

Clare said...

crazy, huh??