Sunday, December 21, 2008

Andra meets Santa

I really think I am the luckiest mom EVER. Easy pregnancy, fast delivery, cutest little baby who just sleeps and eats and occasionally charms us with her open eyes (did I mention she's sleepy?). She slept through the night two nights ago, the other nights she's only up once to be fed and changed. She was fussier in the beginning, but I think we're figuring each other out, and now she usually goes right back to sleep.

We went to meet Santa yesterday, and then to Ann Taylor Loft where I got 4 pairs of nice pants (nicer than my usual uniform of jeans and khakis) for $9.88 each! Santa was good with the scared little boys ahead of us, and when he saw Andra he said, "This is why I do this job." She snoozed through it all. I love showing her off. So many people asked if there was really a baby in my sling (she's 7 pounds, she's not THAT tiny!) and then oohed and aahed when I let them peek.

Thursday we had to go back to the pediatrician to check her weight (up from Tuesday so we're all good now), then I went to Trader Joe's and there ran into one of our assistant principals. He reminded me that the high school faculty party was just down the road, so we went! The principal accused me of having "rented" the baby, as he never believed I was 9 months pregnant and was surprised to see us up and about so soon. Yeah, it feeds my ego...but we ARE pretty laid back and just having fun. (Except I do still get up in the middle of the night to make sure Andra's still breathing...does that go away??)

I went to the gym yesterday, just to walk a mile (14 minutes) and lift, upper body and some abs. I'm sore today and it feels SO GOOD! No running yet, but soon. I don't want to push it, since I'm already back at me pre-pregnancy weight and would rather start out strong than go out too fast and need to re-stop. But just being at the gym, even walking, I was having a blast and couldn't stop smiling. This is the best Christmas ever.


N.D. said...

Awwww.. You sound so happy !!! I am so happy for you! Glad everything is going well and you are on cloud 9. :) You're already a great mama! I love the pics!! What a cutie. You are doing amazing. I bet it felt great going to the gym. Great job getting out there! You inspire me!

Mama Simmons said...

Awesome that things are going so well!! The wondering if your baby is breathing at night? Not sure how long it lasts, but Moana slept 5+ hour last night for the first time, and yes, I went in to check on her! :)

X-Country2 said...

Dear Santa,

I want to be just like Muscles and RA when I have a baby.

The Chapples said...

YAY for good babies! I have one of those good sleepers too, and apparently it's rare! Glad to hear you guys are doing so well.