Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm gonna "run" the half...

So the weather for Sunday's Fairfield Half Marathon looks cool (60s and 70s), not hot and humid like the last 2 years. So I'm going for it. Friday I ran 11 miles..sort of. I had planned to run almost 7, a favorite route in North Stamford and New Canaan I haven't run in a LONG time. After about 4 miles is an elementary school where in the summer I used to stop and pee and get a drink (both more important than ever now!). Well, it's not summer, and with school still in session the school was all locked up against intruders. So no pee, no drink, and I just walked the last 3 miles. Later that night I met a friend to run a 4.5 mile loop. It was great, she's a little slower so I ran slower (which felt good) but she pushed a little, and we walked the last mile too. Then today I ran into another teacher who has run it before, and she said she and her boyfriend were going to run just for when they felt like it, walk when they felt like it. I'll start out with them, maybe stay with them, maybe do my plan of walk for a minute at every mile marker. I've wanted to try that strategy before, but always felt like it would slow me down (despite evidence to the contrary). So why not now, when my only goal is to finish and feel good at the end?

I'm still probably two months away from needing maternity clothes, but maternity running/workout clothes are so scarce. I don't understand why the big companies don't make can there NOT be a market?

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