Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So this has apparently changed from an RA and fitness blog to a pregnancy and fitness blog. Obviously because I'm pregnant, but not so obviously because the RA has been fine lately. I guess it's not uncommon for it to clear up during pregnancy, and I hadn't been thinking too much about it (other than a little anxiety about going off the prednisone, which was uneventful) but everything's been fine.

So at 9 1/2 weeks, I haven't gained any weight yet, my boobs haven't gotten bigger (thank god) yet, but I am feeling fat in the belly (not showing, way too early for that, just fat). And slow. My heart rate while running doesn't seem much higher most days (sometimes it seems to, sometimes not) but the perceived effort is greater. And that makes me wonder if I'm just being a wimp and not pushing enough (but I"m too lazy to really care). Today I wanted to do 6 miles, but it's been cold (60s is cold at the end of May) and so I went to the Y immediately after school (if I'd gone home I would have napped and never gotten up). I just never got into it. I kind of got into it when I ran a little faster (I think that was a 9 minute pace...that used to be my warm up pace), so I did a couple longer intervals (even a half mile a an 8 min pace, woo-hoo) but walked after all of them. I'm sure I'll have good days again...I'm sure once it warms up and I start running outside again (I still can't believe I trained for that marathon outside in February and March when it was 20 degrees, now I won't run outside when it's 60 degrees) I'll have more fun. Maybe I'm just a little burned out. I've been trying to focus more on lifting and core work, which is fun. But then I worry that I'm not doing enough cardio. I need to mentally get in balance here.

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