Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers' Day 10k

Ran the Norwalk Mothers' Day 10k this morning, the 3rd year in a row. And the slowest! But still held an 8:59 pace, I hope...I don't like seeing 9's any more (never mind the 10 for the marathon).

Ankle acting up a bit as I taper off the prednisone for the kid, but shouldn't get too bad. Also went to boot camp yesterday for the first time in a while, and survived but boy am I sore today. I don't even know how certain body parts (my upper back for instance) get sore, as I can't remember doing anything other than cardio and squats, but that's why I love the class: it just works everything.

I often wear a heartrate monitor now when I work out, but I don't actually know why. It's not like I slow down or stop if it the number gets too high, I slow down or stop if I feel like I need to. Which makes more sense to me than an arbitrary number, especially as there doesn't exist a magic number everyone is supposed to stay below. My body naturally is slowing down...the 8:59 pace today was hard, whereas last year an 8:08 pace was hard. My heartrate, or at least my perceived exertion, was fairly similar. It just doesn't make sense to me to slow down on purpose simply because I'm pregnant. If it feels good, it IS good.

One weird, weird thing I've noticed in these last 3 weeks since I found weight has been eerily constant. Usually it fluctuates by a few pounds one way or another on any given day. The last 3 weeks, every day, I have been within 0.8 pounds of every other day. And it's a lower number than it's been recently, too. Despite my constant hunger and my giving in to said hunger. Kinda cool, though most people don't gain in the first trimester anyway. Obviously I'll gain once the kid starts to grow for real (we're still around 1.5 cm, raspberry-like, according to last Thursday's ultrasound, with a heartrate of 146 bpm), but maybe this means it'll be mostly the kid gaining, not me. The doctor said given my height and weight and activity level I should shoot for 30-35 pounds. I'm shooting for 20-25. All baby and fluids, no extra fat (as much as that's possible).

Very weird. Because a lot of the time I still don't FEEL pregnant.

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