Friday, March 01, 2013


Getting there. Went to the school fitness center after school Wednesday and Friday and ran 2 miles and did core work both times. About 30 minutes total which is fine for now. Routine and regain basic fitness. Being back at school is fine...easier going back than with Andra, maybe less guilt.

My neck is in the process of being fixed by the chiropractor. The rheumatologist said I "risk paralysis" but he was speaking pretty generally and I have no degeneration in my spine so I figured it would be ok. I can actually turn my head now. I knew it was more muscular than RA related, despite my previous flares, from what the physical therapist said. Nothing he did helped but it helped me decide to try chiropractic. Hopefully it will keep improving a bit more.

Overall life is good. 5k for sandy hook Mach 23.


Anonymous said...

You have unbelievable guts!!!!

Anonymous said...

How did you do in the race?? Update please!!

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