Monday, October 10, 2011

Still sick

I have strep throat. Again. I have had this more in the last 3 years than ever before. I went 2 week with a cold and a week with laryngitis (great thing for a teacher...luckily my students are mostly really nice and polite) before today, and felt like I had a fever. Driving home from the city after my IVF class I called my doctor, made an appointment and went. Another Z-pack. I dropped one pill in my car and can't find it anywhere. So instead of 5 days, I only get to take 4. Hopefully it'll be enough. But I do feel better that I am really sick. A usual, I just assume I'm being a wimp and need to get over it. And feel guilty for not working out when all I want to do is sleep. Sometimes sleep is more important. But always only in hindsight.

The IVF class was good I guess. Learned more about the process. Met with my nurse. Think I know what I need to do. In about 2 weeks I will start the estrogen priming protocol, which is just wearing estrogen patches until I get my next period. Then the fun begins. The stim shots don't bother me, I am used to giving myself shots. The progesterone shots scare me, but whatever, I'll get over it. I will have to tell a couple people at school in 2 weeks or so, as I will probably be missing A LOT of my morning classes due to monitoring. The clinic doesn't open til 7:30, which is when school starts. I need to just not care about that, and I'm working toward it.

Had one good run last week, when I struggled to get out the door because I wanted to sleep. I did 20 minutes hard (that is around a 9:30 pace I think, I am still so annoyed by that but not able to do enough to change it yet) and then walked another 10 min. One day of lifting, one boot camp, and pretty much nothing else.

Definitely in a slump. Just feel like I can't keep up.


deb aka abcsofra said...

Feel better soon! You aren't acting like a baby. With chronic illness we tend to put it all off to our illness when in fact it is really something else going on.

RunningMama said...

Yuck! Go away strep!! Hope you are feeling better soon. Am excited about your upcoming cycle. I guess the attitude to take with it is that regardless of what happens, you will have a lot more knowledge about your body than you have right now. Let me know if you have any questions or anything! And, try to tell as few people as don't want to feel like people are whispering about you...or that you have to let people know if the cycle did or didn't work. I learned that the hard way the first time we went through IVF w/ my son. Running Mama from More Room in my Heart