Friday, June 10, 2011

The last six months...

These have been, health wise, the worst six months of my life. Possibly I'm exaggerating, as the six months around the time I was diagnosed with RA were probably worse, but that was (gasp) 11 years ago, so I am probably forgetting some of that.

To recap, for myself (since I don't think anyone is reading this anymore!)...Resumed running in November, to do a 5k in December. Quit running about a week later as really bad GI symptoms took over for 2 months and I couldn't do a thing when they hit, usually around 4-6 pm and lasting a couple hours. Although I felt fine outside of those few hours each day, I was trying not to eat much since what goes in must come energy levels were low and frustration high. I resumed running in March when the symptoms went away. Two months of phlegm and bronchitis, two neck flares that required Vicodin, and then I reinjured my Achilles and had to stop running again. PT for the Achilles means it's feeling somewhat better, and I started running a tiny bit (one mile) this week. Despite the GI symptoms which came back 3 weeks ago (maybe a little less severely).

And then, today, this:

Hard to see, but it's a classic bulls eye rash right where I picked the tick off a week ago...classic Lyme disease sign. Everything I researched online after the bite said not to worry if the tick hadn't been attached for less than 24 to 36 hours. And that sucker was on my side less than 6 hours. Well, turns out you shouldn't believe everything you read online. Even from I can't say that I have any symptoms, and it will be treated early compared to a lot of people who get Lyme, but still...really?

And then add the fact that we've been trying to get pregnant again, with no luck, and my last 2 cycles have been anovulatory and all messed up.

I am REALLY hoping I can catch a break and that once school is out (two week from yesterday), I will be feeling better (adding two new prescriptions to my existing cocktail) and able to feel normal again. And eat normally. I've been patient, I think, for me. I'm not pushing myself to do more than I can do right now. Rather than doing the local triathlon (or aqua bike), I signed up to volunteer. Rather than running the local summer series, I am volunteering. I feel good about it, because I don't want to go out and feel awful and defeated just to say I "raced." I'd rather feel good helping others have a good race and hopefully just get better.

It sucks.


ValleyWriter said...

Wow - that is very clearly a classic Lyme bullseye! That sucks - but, as you say, at least you caught it early. Hopefully this will be the last of your illness woes for a while - you deserve a rest! Hang in there.

Mnowac said...

I'm still reading! I hope you feel better soon. It sounds like you have had a rough one, I will be wishing baby positive wishes for you!

Wren said...

Man, you've really had some hard luck this year, Claire. RA is so merciless, taking away the things you love to do the most. And stomach trouble and now Lyme on top of it!

I hope that resting this summer will return you to strength, health and the good cheer that lives in you, just below the surface. Sending all the calm, comfort and patience I can your way.

Anonymous said...

I still read you too!
Sorry to hear about your year so far and hope it gets better. Could you be developing lactose intolerance to some degree?
What meds have you been taking?

Anonymous said...

Definitely there're many lurkers like me that love to read your updates, so you are wrong about nobody reading this!!!!

Keep us updated, I really like to about long term RA sufferers being SO active!!!

mary said...

I check in on your blog. I think you definitly have quite a few lurkers.

fancy nancy said...

I am so sorry that you are going through so much health wise!!! Oh and I am still reading!!! It can be so frustrating when illness and things out of our control get in the way of our plans! I pray that this summer brings you health, rest, and another addition!!

Oh and my word verification is bless....perfect like I hope you are blessed!

Angela and David said...

I am so sorry. It all really does suck. I think of you sometimes and know I should stop my complaining because you endure so much more. If you ever want to vent about the fertility stuff, I'm here. I hope the next 6 months are a little better for you.