Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ah, the trainer...

I brought it up from the depths of the basement where it had been for a while, not getting used. Out of sight, out of mind. I set it all up last week, and am determined to ride at least once a week. And run once a week. And lift once. And do one or 2 classes. The workouts aren't as intense or as long as they used to be, but I need to get that frequency back up a little. I'm expecting to be pregnant in the next few months, so I really don't have any plans to race this year, so that cuts in to the motivation too. But I will start keeping a workout log again, which I used to do and LOVE going back to reread.

Anyway, after school Friday I rode that trainer before getting Andra from daycare. Just 30 minutes. BUT, when you're kind of out of shape, 30 minutes works. I sweat a ton, my legs felt like jelly when I got in the car 45 minutes later, and I felt good, like I wasn't a total slacker.


jsmarslender said...

Good job getting the trainer out and actually using it! Nice to have jelly legs, huh. : )

Angela and David said...

I think I'm sick in the head but I love the trainer. It must be because my pea size brain handles boredom very well.

And I think you are smart to just focus on getting into a routine. Intensity will follow if you want it to.