Thursday, September 17, 2009

Better running

Inspired by my less than stellar performance when Natalie and I ran Sunday, I have been a little more disciplined this week. Ran 4.5 with the BOB Monday, lifted (at 8 pm no less) at the gym Tuesday, took Wednesday off (had to pick Andra up early with a fever), and today ran 5.5 miles (in under 55 minutes, so explain why running 10 minute miles with the BOB was easy but running 10 minute miles without it was hard enough to make me walk twice?).

Andra's fever was gone this morning (I know, because for the first time ever I took her temperature, sticking that thermometer you-know-where), and except for the snot pouring out of her nose at regular intervals, I wouldn't even have known she was sick. Though she did snooze through most of the run (thereby delaying her nap, which will lead to me having to wake her up in 10 minutes to make it to my own doctor's appointment this afternoon).

I feel badly that I sent her to daycare all week with this cold, but seriously, how am I supposed to know when to keep her home if she doesn't complain a little?

A few pictures...Andra with my dad when he was here being daycare for the the expression on #2...riding cousin Iris's rocking sheep...and one picture with the hemangioma cut out, although I don't really notice it, it's nice to have some pictures where you can concentrate on her cuteness and not the big juicy red thing on her forehead.


X-Country2 said...

Those little Rainbow Brite leggings are ADORABLE!

N.D. said...

she is so freaking cute!!! :)
Glad your running has been going well this week. Good luck this weekend! I'll be missing you down at the PDR!

Leah said...

Your little one is a serious cutie!

Angela and David Kidd said...

I love her expression in the picture with your dad. Very cute. And just wait until she gets a little older, taking her temperature "you know where" will require a wrestling match and you will be exhausted.

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Great pictures. She's adorable.