Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weights for weight

Long time since I've posted. It's not nearly as fast to type one-handed, that's certainly part of it! Can't claim to be too tired...Andra logged 9 hours straight last night, and we managed to put her down at 10 (usually it's more like 11 or 11:30). I usually wake her up between 7-7:30 every morning, though I am hoping I can gradually transition her back an hour...asleep by 9-10 every night, up at 6, since I only have 4 more weeks of leave and I am stressing out about how I will manage to get out the door by 7 every morning. I'm glad my mom will be staying with us for a few weeks for that reason, I won't have to worry about getting things (bottles, clothes, etc.) ready for Fred to take with her to daycare. Although when she does go to daycare, I will say that I absolutely love the woman who runs the home daycare she will go to. Plus, she just had her first baby 2 weeks before Andra was born, and so she gets the whole new-mom thing.

As for workouts...I am trying to get more intense. I'd say I've managed well to get back into a routine, working out at least 5 days a week now. The gym daycare is great, and I try to go when it's less busy. I took Andra out for an hour-long walk in the Baby Bjorn Monday when it finally hit 40 (or thereabouts), and she did great. My friend Bea (formerly my trainer when I had extra $$) and I have worked out together twice this week - Tuesday we did am arm workout and today we ran and did some back stuff. She will kick my butt on weights, making fun of me if I take "baby weights" (the girl has seriously huge muscles) and I don't like to be made fun of, so I work harder than otherwise. I pushed her to run more than she would have today (we did intervals, though in total only 3.5 miles, I'm still not loving the treadmill again), so it was a nice exchange. I've decided I need to focus more on weights and less on running if I want to lose the weight I've gained since Andra's birth. I assume once I stop breastfeeding it will come off, but it's annoying that I was 146 when I got pregnant, 145 a week or so after delivery, and 153 now. But weights are more important than running, since my only running goals for a while involve distances 10k or shorter. So I do want to start longer runs outside on Sundays (or sooner if I get the BOB attachment and it warms up) but other than than, 2 focused running days a week and 4 lifting days (with maybe 2 miles of running after as bonus if I have time) will be my goal. I'll never get all 7 days in, but I will plan 7 and just take a day off when I need it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Savvy marketing

So it's been almost 6 weeks. It's still a little up in the air when I'm going to go back to school, but I think I can stretch it to March 2. I negotiated a little bit with our HR guy to give me a couple extra paid days in exchange for me grading my students' midterm exam...which is a pain in the ass, takes hours and hours (not a typical test, it's a series of labs and problems the kids work on for 2+ weeks beforehand), and which my non-certified sub can't officially grade. Since the HR guy denied my personal day last April to run the Nashville marathon, I now play by the rules, and I told my assistant principal and department chair that I would gladly grade it for a couple extra paid days, but that truthfully I couldn't care less what happens to it or the kids' grades if he denied it. Not when we're only allowed to use 6 weeks of sick leave, despite the fact that I have over 100 days I haven't used in the 8 years I've been there. Turns out the AP convinced him to give me 2 extra paid days, which is probably worth it (that's like 2 weeks of day care).

At any rate, I have to figure out what I'm going to do about breastfeeding when I go back. Surprisingly, I sort of like it. It's very peaceful, and easy, and convenient. I guess ideally I'd still breastfeed in the mornings, late afternoons and evenings. I just don't want to worry about pumping, so I'm happy to have her have formula during the day when I'm not there. But I also don't want to deal with leaky boobs during the school day. So I'm thinking I should start to transition a little now, get on some sort of schedule...right now, I pretty much feed her whenever she's hungry, which can be random - every hour for a while, then after a 4 hour nap, or maybe there's no nap that day, so... She takes bottles or either breastmilk or formula no problem, but it's just so much easier when I'm with her to just pull out the boob. I figure if I start by replacing one feeding a day with formula, like around 11 or 12, that's a start? Anyone have any ideas or advice? Is this something I should talk to a lactation counselor about? I never had any problems so I've never used one before...

At any rate, in the mail today I got 2 free cans of Enfamil, along with a variety of coupons. I guess they know 6 weeks is standard maternity leave, and about the time a lot of women give up breastfeeding or at least start supplementing. As much as I know it's marketing, it does make it easier to do it when they send me the formula for free...

Ack, it really is stressful thinking about going back to work. Luckily, there'll only be 3 and a half months til summer...

Gym day care

Made it to boot camp Saturday morning, but had to take Sunday off as we had 2 sets of company (my brother, sister-in-law and niece came for lunch, then the inlaws for dinner) and in between, I had to tutor for a couple hours (midterms this week...great for the stay-at-home-a-little-longer fund). Monday morning Andra woke me up around 5:30 (plus she was up once in the middle of the night...I think I'm letting her sleep too much in the evening, not that I really have any success keeping her awake when I try). I was actually glad I was forced to get up early, because that meant by 7am I was dressed for the gym, Andra was fed, and I was able to put her in the bouncy seat next to the bed and run away before she fussed, thus making me feel guilty for not warning Fred I would be gone. I got in a good 3.25 mile run. Can a tempo run be as short as 2.5 miles? I was trying to run hard, which for now was about an 8 minute mile...I think I varied the pace a bit, but the bulk was right around 8:06, and half an hour is about all I have time for these days if I want to fit in any lifting. I managed just 2 exercises for my back (including the dreaded pull-ups) and 2 for biceps, but I lifted heavy and am sore today.

Today Andra also woke up early, but I opted to nap with her on the couch from 7-9am instead of hitting the gym early. I knew Fred wouldn't make it home in time for me to go to the core class I love, so this was the day I figured out day care at the gym. I made a noon reservation because they told me there were no other kids signed up and it was usually a quiet time. Andra fell asleep in the car, and even though there were plenty of kids (maybe 5) when we got there, she slept the whole time. I did an easier 3, I had wanted to do 4 but psyched myself out. Technically I could leave Andra there for an hour and a half, but an hour sounded like long enough (even though I felt comfortable leaving her there, I still worry about her crying), and I wanted to shower too. So I just did 3, plus abs. Obama was making a speech as I ran, and even though I never watch TV while I run, I did today. Watched...but didn't listen. I needed my music! Plus I figure they'll replay everything a million times tonight.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Photo shoot

Melissa came by to take pictures today. Over 500, I think she said! Here are some of my favorites (of the 15 she put on Facebook...can't wait to see the rest!). In the one below, Andra is holding the medal from the Country Music Marathon we ran when I was 6 weeks pregnant. I think she probably won her age group...

Monday, January 12, 2009

AM workout

I managed to get to the gym in the morning today. After waking Andra up from her 8 hour "nap" (which followed a feeding frenzy last night where I gave her 5 oz of formula after a non-stop breastfeeding session that seemed to last forever, by the end of which I'd had enough) at 6:45, feeding and getting her ready, I handed her off to Fred about 10 minutes after my self-imposed 7:30 "deadline." (How I'll ever do that when I have to be at school by 7:15 I don't know.)

At any rate, I had a great short tempo run (half mile warm up, then 4 half miles at 8:12, 8:08, 8:00 and 7:53, then a half mile cool down). I time just 26 minutes or so, total distance just 3 miles, but it was enough. I also had time for some quick weights (back and biceps) but was dismayed at how awful my assisted pull-ups were. I used to be able to get through at least one set of 8 with the weight set at my first set was 4 at 70, then 4 at 80 when I couldn't finish at 70. Second set I started at 90. Sad. I have work to do.

I'm gearing up to get serious about my eating next Monday. Maybe it's no coincidence, but I feel like I'm having feeding frenzies just like Andra. I seriously love food. Especially peanut butter (eaten by the spoonful, with chocolate got so bad that I didn't let myself even buy any more peanut butter this week, I think I have to ban it from the house the way I once banned ice cream and cookies). I might have been back at my pre-pregnancy weight (146) a week or so after delivery, but it hardly matters, as I've put back on 5 or so pounds since. (My only attempt at veiling myself from that truth is that it's really hard nowadays to weigh myself at a consistent time of day, so my "study" isn't exactly controlled...and the high school science teacher in me does not like that.) They've been fairly guilt-free pounds, what with the holidays and all, but this can't continue much longer. So this week I'm getting my goals in order, getting a plan in place, and preparing for a good solid month or two of clean eating and consistent, goal-oriented working out.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Month 1

Wow. Four weeks ago today (and at about this time), my water broke and Andra started to get here. Crazy. I'm sure I'll think the same thing in a year, in 18 years...time flies, and having a kid makes me so much more aware of that. The little pickle is growing (we go to the ped next week to get weighed, etc.), she seems twice as big as a month ago, probably just because she uncurled, but she's definitely longer and heavier too. She used to fit perfectly in just one arm. Her newborn clothes used to be too big, and now she's threatening to outgrown them. Sigh...and unfortunately, every day is one day closer to having to go back to work. It won't be before mid-Feb...hopefully I can keep up my tutoring to make enough extra cash to push it back to the first of March.

In workout news, things are going. Sunday was a day off, as we went to meet Andra's great-grandparents (Fred's grandparents). Monday I took her out for a walk (about 2.75 miles) in the Baby Bjorn, as it wasn't too cold. Tuesday, she went to her first babysitter, my friend who lives right next to the gym, and I went to the core class. Weds was off, then yesterday Fred made it home before I fell asleep (at 6pm) and I got to the gym to run. I did 3 miles (all I really want to do on a treadmill for now...though I'm itching to get out and do a longer run soon outside), mixing up the pace (3 separate half-miles at an 8:30, 8 and 7:30 pace, followed by recoveries around 9:30) and averaging just under a 9:00 pace. I'm sore today in my quads (also because we did 8 million squats and lunges Tuesday), which feels good! Off again today, as it's too cold to take Andra out and Fred went away for the weekend skiing (I've vowed to take my own weekend trip with friends this summer and leave him home with Andra...we'll see!). So I may not really be able to work out this weekend, although if I didn't feel kind of guilty I'd ask another friend to watch her Saturday morning so I can go to boot camp. (Guilt about asking the friend, not about leaving Andra for an hour...though there's a bit of that too.) I can't wait til she's 6 weeks so I can take her to the day care at the Y (wait, didn't I spend the first part of this post saying I DON'T want her to grow up??).

So we're flying solo this far she's been such an easy baby, this better not be the weekend she decides to stay up all night! She slept 7 hours last night (10-5, then again til 8 after I fed her), so I know I'm super lucky.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

The little pickle...

I managed to get to the gym a few times this week. Tuesday, Friday and today. Could be better, could be worse. I ran 3 miles straight yesterday, changing the pace up because I got bored (and of course wanted to run fast, not slow) and averaging about a 9:20 pace. Did lots of abs today at boot camp...I want my doughiness gone! I wonder how long it'll take for the skin to shrink back up?

I'm hoping to get outside just for a couple walks this week, with the kid in the Baby Bjorn since I don't yet have the car seat attachment for the BOB. My husband will be working later this week to catch up from his time off, and Andra has to be 6 weeks to go to day care at the gym, so my options are limited (unless I get it done early, which I really have no excuse not to...I could go at 7 am and be back in plenty of time for Fred to get to work).

I haven't made any resolutions yet. I will, I like to, but the New Year kind of crept up on me. So, by February 1 I will figure them out! But one will involve getting more involved in the running community...tomorrow I plan to volunteer at a 10k, the first in a 5-race Boston Build-up series I ran last year preparing for Nashville. It's a great series, and it plus a bunch of other local races are put on seemingly by one very dedicated guy (who never actually gets to race himself). So volunteering seems like the right thing to do, especially since I am not up for a 10k (or the successive 15-30ks that follow) right now!

Can't help but post a few more pictures of our little pickle (affectionately nicknamed by my Aunt Mary, who then found her a pickle for her first Christmas ornament):
The little pickle.
I love her round belly!